org is a website with a wealth of information about one of the largest American military cemeteries on the European continent. It is generally known under the name of 'Margraten'.

This website brings together various projects and initiatives regarding this cemetery. A number of these projects were merged in 2011 into the "Memorial Center Akkers van Margraten Foundation". This foundation took the initiative to create this website.

The foundation wants to keep the cemetery's history and memory alive, so it pays special attention to the human stories behind the cemetery - both the stories of the American soldiers who died and those of eye witnesses from Margraten and its surrounds, who saw the creation of the cemetery and many of whom adopted a grave.

Do you have information about one or more of the fallen servicemen buried in Margraten?
If so, please let us know.

Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial

The cemetery is managed by the "American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC)". After the war, the Dutch government gave the land where the cemetery is located to the United States on perpetual loan. The ABMC website contains such things as a historical sketch of the cemetery as well as a searchable database where visitors can find where in Margraten the soldiers are buried and remembered.

The Margraten Adopt a Grave Foundation

The "Margraten American Cemetery Adopt a Grave Foundation" offers interested parties the opportunity to adopt the grave of a fallen liberator. This is a phenomenon found nowhere else in the world on this scale. The project was started at the end of the war. If you are interested in adopting a grave, please let the foundation know.

Stichting Verenigde Adoptanten Amerikaanse Oorlogsgraven

Many people are conducting research into the life stories of the soldiers buried at Margraten. The website helps with this research and displays the results on their site. It also offers a forum where researchers can contact each other.

Margraten Requiem

The memory of the sacrifices that the American liberators made is kept alive in and around the Margraten region by such events as the annual performance of the Margraten Requiem by the Limburg Symphony Orchestra. This sublime outdoor concert sets the stage at the cemetery for a musical homage to the allied forces that fell during the Second World War. ( The Municipality of Eijsden-Margraten ) ( Regional information for tourists )